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I offer a big-picture perspective with an attention to detail, bringing over 15 years of interdisciplinary experience to serve the design and project management needs of my clients. 

I made the move to our nation’s capital in 2007 to be part of the design team working on the development of National Harbor, Maryland.  Having practiced Landscape Architecture throughout Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic since 2002, my experience in residential and mixed-use master-planning, land development services, and design services proved invaluable not only to my work on that project, but to the continued evolution of my career and interest in commercial real estate.  When development halted during the Great Recession, I moved my attention from new-build to enhancing existing assets, consulting for a diverse portfolio of multifamily real estate developers, healthcare facilities, and individual homeowners seeking to add value through the creation of more beautiful, usable, and sustainable spaces.

As a teacher’s kid from rural Indiana, my family took advantage of summer break as a time to travel.  Though beaches and amusement parks dotted the agenda, my parents insisted on including educational and cultural exploration at every destination.  I'm thankful for that today, as those experiences sowed the seeds of my appreciation for regional differences in the built environment and the sense of place.  Continued curiosity as an adult has led me to travel throughout North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa, seeking to understand the unique design and cultural elements that give a building, park, city, or region its soul. 

I earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Virginia Tech in 2003 and a Master of Real Estate, Concentration in Commercial Development from Georgetown University in 2018.  Between working, traveling, and studying, I enjoy back-country hiking, weekends in the mountains, and tackling Rachmaninoff on the piano.